Welcome to the SILVER 925 WOMEN PENDANT AND NECKLACE, in here we are bringing you fantastic choices of pendants with or without necklace.

Favored for its value and unique radiance, silver has a beauty and malleability that make it a perfect choice for jewelry usage. Not only this, but silver is also no less beautiful to wear than gold, and it is both easier to afford and wear in general, especially since it has a place no matter the social setting.

Silver and Outfits

No matter the setting, silver necklaces always mark elegance on your person.

Silver necklace with heart-shaped pendant

Silver necklace with a heart-shaped pendant

All of your outfits will reap the benefits silver brings, such as creating a distinguished look and brightening the overall classic appearance.

For the most part, it is perfectly safe to wear a silver necklace with just about any outfit without worrying about appearing vulgar or overly exaggerated.

As good advice, it is best to avoid a situation where the necklace threads silver within gold or wear both types of metal together.

While this might work fairly well with certain bracelets or rings, it will make a necklace appear overdone and, as already mentioned, somewhat vulgar.

All kinds of people can wear a silver necklace elegantly.

Whether you have fair or dark skin, blond or black hair, blue or green eyes, or any combination thereof, you have the means to pull off wearing a silver necklace successfully.

Wearing a Silver Necklace in Various Settings

If you need to wear a fancy necklace during the daytime while remaining discreet, mix the silver necklace with cold colors and black.

For the former, any of the shades of white, such as eggshell and off-white, make for a great combination. For more fashionable wear, put in value by donning brighter colors like prune, turquoise or orange.

Of course, you can always match your silver necklace by putting on silver clothes. With a matching handbag and high heels, you will be more than ready to dominate the daytime with your chic wear.

If you need to wear a fancy necklace during the nighttime, then you can resort to wearing your silver necklace while also donning a few other pieces of jewelry that feature precious stones such as rubies or diamonds.

Feel free to go with a discreet bracelet or some earrings to accompany that silver necklace

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